by Kroeser
This mod basically adds various evil things to Minecraft, from everything such as little flying monster that will follow you around and try to poison you, to bottles that allow you to store and control the weather.

is mod adds tons of new items, blocks, mobs, and structures to the world of Minecraft. Due to the sheer amount of additions this mod adds, I can’t outline everything here, so I would advise that you play around a bit with this mod in creative to figure out the different features it has to offer. 

New Zombie AI

This new update edits zombies to be more similar to zombies from the popular book World War Z. First of all, zombies no longer burn up during daytime, making them a threat until they despawn later in the day. Additionally, zombies will spawn randomly around the player during the day, adding a challenging new threat. Additionally, 1-2 times a day the player will be attacked by a horde of 20+ zombies. It is best to hole up in your house or pitch a quick tent when this happens. Fortunately, though, zombies are now slowed down massively in cold climates, so you can hole up in a cold taiga biome to survive the daily zombie sieges.

Section 1: Zombie Apocalypse-related

The biggest enemy of any NPC village is zombies. Chances are high that the villages you find will be quickly decimated without your constant care. Well, those stupid villagers aren't the only ones trying to survive zombie sieges anymore. This mod adds Reinforced Villages and Military Bases. Reinforced villages are much like ordinary villages, except they contain citizens instead of villagers, have a giant wall to keep zombies out, and are defended by mob-slaying, gun-wielding soldiers.

Reinforced villages also grow the rare tomato crop, which can be made into pizza when combined with bread and cheese. Military Bases are small generated structures that are reinforced with chain fences, and contain soldiers and chests full of OP military weapons such as the deadly three-round-burst m4 carbine. There are also now ferrets, which can be tamed with rabbit meat. Because ferrets are awesome.


Section 2: Magical Bronze

A significant addition to this mod is bronze tools and armour. Bronze ore is very common and can be mined with a stone pickaxe. It can be made into all of the common tools and armour. It's effectiveness is between stone and iron. Additionally, you can craft bronze into battle axes and battle hammers. The battle hammer deals more damage than a bronze sword and more knockback than any other weapon, but it slows its user down massively. The battle axe deals the same amount of damage as a sword and is effective against trees. Once you obtain diamond, you can craft an amulet that allows you to harness the magical powers of bronze. Right click with a tool to use its power. Powers include ground pounding, mega-jumping, repulsion, and many more.

Additionally, this mod adds magical staffs, which have awesome magical powers such as flight or fireballing. Staffs are extremely hard to find or craft. All of these magical powers are great for PvP combat and can make it more than just a click race.

Section 3: Military!

This is personally my favourite part of this mod. This mod adds tons of awesome guns to the game. Each weapon has different strengths and weaknesses. Some shoot quickly, some are accurate, some have long ranges, some are lighter or heavier, and some fire a burst of multiple bullets at once. Guns added include common US military weapons such as the M16, fan favourites such as the AK47, and consumer-available weapons like the Remington 700. I have also added some guns of my own design, some of which are unlike any other real-world gun (such as an assault rifle that turns into a sniper when you turn on the scope).

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