by ljfa
Have you always been annoyed at how glass in Minecraft doesn't drop anything when broken? This small and simple mod changes that.

Breaking glass blocks or panes has a random chance of dropping glass shards. You can smelt them in a furnace to get your glass back. So you now have a lossy way of converting panes back into blocks.
You can configure the probability as you see fit. Panes drop accordingly less than blocks.

Stained glass and panes drop stained glass shards. Uncolored glass shards can be stained with dyes, and you can remove the color from glass shards by using gunpowder. These features are configurable too.

Also, you can use your shards to make a sword. It has iron level attack damage but it doesn't last very long.


This mod adds all sorts of grenades to Minecraft. As of yet, there are seven grenades implemented, with varying purposes from barring a hallway, to pranking friends, to blowing up outposts hundreds of blocks away. Complete with crafting recipes and sounds, this mod tries to remain reasonably realistic, while allowing maximum fun!


A Tomahawk, Ballistic Knife and Throwing Knives. Tomahawks can only be stacked up 2 high, Throwing Knives 16 high and Ballistic Blades 64. The Tomahawk is instant kill, the Ballistic Knife does 3 more damage than arrows, and Throwing Knives do the same damage as arrows. To use a Ballistic Knife, you require a Ballistic Holder. Grip is needed in all of the knives crafting recipes.


Features of the spears:
-All spears can be thrown by right clicking
-Each spear has its own sprite
-Spears have a custom sound for when thrown
-Have their own graphic for when thrown
-Spears do not have durability
-Lots of fun!

This mod currently has 8 different kinds of spears.

This mod is much like the Video game! Adds Weapons, Vehicles and more!

This mod will end your problem with running out of ammo, as you can with it shoot blocks from your inventory!

Blocks deal damage depending on how hard it is, and gives serious knockback. 


Power - Every additional level increases speed, damage and knockback by 33%

Efficiency - Gives from 25% to 75% chance to not consume used block from inventory

Drop Resistance - Increases amount of drops from destroyed blocks (TNT launchers only)

Elasticity - Makes fired block bigger, but allows to travel through smaller gaps (Normal launchers only)

Universality - Allows to shot heavier/lighter blocks, and slightly increases fire rate.

Hellfire - flames burn blocks at insanely fast speed, causes bigger damage to enemies.

Fireworks - after an explosion, additional TNT appear scattered in the air.

No Gravity - Blocks travel at straight line.


Block effects

Sand, gravel - blinds.

Glass - breaks on impact and applies poison effect.

Plants - heal

Web - slowdowns.

by DaftPVF

Crystal Wing

With this enchanted wing, you'll be able to teleport back to your spawn point!

While helpful on the normal world, using it on the nether may burn it...

Burning Wing

This will continuously burn the player that holds it in their inventory, so THROW THIS AWAY!

..Or try soaking it!

Burned Wing

This is the broken version of the Crystal Wing. When the player tries to use it, they, eh... get lost.


A collection of antique firearms. Heavily inspired by Ye Olde Minegunner mod way back in b1.2. Smelt bullets and craft parts to create guns, including varieties such as:

  • Matchlock Derringers,
  • Matchlock Blunderbusses,
  • Flintlock Pistols,
  • Flintlock Pepperboxes,
  • Flintlock Muskets,
  • Flintlock Rifles,
  • Flintlock Blunderbusses,
  • Caplock Revolvers,
  • and more to come!


  • Loading a gun in the crafting grid will return a loaded gun, able to be fired once before having to load again. Better bring some more guns along with you. Multi-shot weapons need to be reloaded again untill all barrels are full.
  • All flintlocks and matchlocks have trouble in the rain and water, just like the real deal! Guns will not fire while standing in water, matchlocks won't fire in the rain, and flintlocks in rain have a small chance to misfire. Caplocks laugh at rain.
  • Matchlock weapons are cheap to produce making them the lowest quality out of the types. However, they do not require iron like their stronger counterparts, using stone/wood parts and gravel as ammo or shot instead.
  • Fine Gunpowder must be used for higher quality weapons, like the flintlock rifle, and caplock weapons. Finer gunpowder burns better and faster.
  • This mod is enhanced if paired with another mod that adds stronger creatures, as flintlock weapons make short work of vanilla mobs (That is, if you can hit them).
  • Gun descriptions are included in the .zip along with the mod jar which is in a 'mods' folder, along with an outdated recipes image.
Prepare yourself for THE ultimate Zelda mod for Minecraft! Including nearly every Zelda item, fully functional just like in the games, sword skills such as Link's Spin Attack, mobs, dungeons, several quests, and more. If you ever enjoyed a Zelda game, then you will certainly love this mod. If, on the other hand, you simply want to add some extra spice to Minecraft's combat system without adding tons of items and other things
by Blfngl

Hello! Today I present to you my Fallout mod, version 2.0. It's been a while, I know, but I've finally garnered some free time and can begin to work on it again! I'll continue to post updates about the content and stuff here, but for now it'll just be a simple thread.

- As of right now, the pipboy functions as an extra eight slots of inventory which can hold any item, besides another pipboy. Right click to open the inventory. Multiple pipboys can exist at the same time and ARE NOT player specific. This means, on a server, if you place something in your pipboy and give it to someone else, they will receive those items.

Empty Syringe:
- The empty syringe is used to craft many of the chems found in this mod.

Bottle Cap:
- The currency of the Fallout universe. However, no merchants will accept these as of right now.

Soda Bottle:
- Currently unimplemented, this will be used to craft the drinks of this mod.

Leather Belt:
- Currently only used in the super stimpak recipe
- There are two types of Stimpaks, the standard Stimpak and the Super Stimpak. They both will restore an amount of health, displayed on the item, to the user instantly. The heal scales off of your medicine skill as well. Stimpaks can be crafted into Auto-Inject Stimpaks, which will, when the user falls below 50% health, will activate immediately.

Med-X and Psycho:
- Med-X will increase your resistance to all forms of damage, while psycho gives you a bonus to all damage that you output.

RadAway and RadX:
- Now that radiation is in the game, you need to be careful what you eat and drink. RadAway will remove an amount of radiation, amount displayed on the item, and Rad-X will increase your radiation resistance for two minutes.

All Fallout: New Vegas pistols and rifles, with their sounds, have been added. Simply right click to fire and press 'r' to reload. The missile launcher as well as the frag grenade have been added. To turn off terrain damaging explosions go into the cfg file for this mod and set the value to false. The only legitimate way to obtain a gun as of right now is by finding a 10mm pistol inside a dungeon chest, albeit extremely rare as well as no way to obtain ammo.

Some chems have been added as well, to use them right click. For some stat boosting chems, like psycho, there will be a varying percent chance that you become addicted. To remove addiction, use the chem Fixer, which unfortunately is unobtainable right now. Antivenom behaves a little differently than the other chems, for some reason it can only be consumed in non-creative game modes. It will remove the potion effects of poison, confusion and weakness.

More options to control how this mod behaves are available in the cfg file.

I've begun to add some recipes for some items. Pictures will come up eventually, but the easiest way to find out is with NEI.

Some plants have been added, to get them you can break tall grass and they might drop. Mutfruit has a 10% channce to be obtained by breaking tree leaves.


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