This Halloween Theme Park lets out your inner child as you explore haunted houses, ride boats and minecarts, and hunt for emeralds for prizes! This map is truly Halloween-themed, featuring a haunted mansion, a witch’s house, a haunted boat ride and a fast-paced minecart ride. Players have free reign to wander the park, hunt for chests of emeralds, and purchase masks and yummy food from Halloween shop vendors. You can even ride a pig around the park and tame your own cat! The theme park features the following:

  • custom halloween shops

  • decorated minecart ride

  • dangerous boat ride

  • gorgeous witch house

  • mob-infested haunted mansion

  • 30 collectable emeralds

  • spooky halloween scenery

  • starter gear and food

This map is set in Adventure mode, which prevents players from breaking all types of blocks and makes it impossible to destroy the rides - purposely or accidentally. Any number of people can play the map - there is no storyline, and no player limit. There are 30 emeralds scattered around in chests, which can be used to purchase food from one vendor, or creepy mob masks from another. The map needs to be played in Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty to function properly. Try not to die, or you will lose your inventory … and your precious emeralds!

This is truly a Halloween map, and an enjoyable break compared to adventure maps and hack-and-slash. I loved the versatility of the theme park; if you like killing mobs, you can visit the haunted mansion and spawn zombies to fight. If you like rides, you can take a ride on the minecarts and boats. It was difficult to keep the boat from breaking on the ride, but the sign did warn me to “try not to die”! This is a great little map to explore, even if only for ten or fifteen minutes. It’s nice to just relax and have fun in Minecraft sometimes!

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